In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, events like the Shift Conference have become essential hubs for thought leaders, startups, and pioneers. This year, the Shift 2023 conference, set against the beautiful backdrop of Zadar, was a melting pot of brilliance and creativity. Amidst this vibrant gathering, we, at Hypefy, are thrilled to announce our standout achievement.

Our AI-powered platform, designed to bridge influencers with small and medium enterprises for launching transformative marketing campaigns, didn’t just resonate with the audience; it secured us the prestigious “Best Pitch Award” in the early-stage category.


Navigating through the intense competition from numerous innovative startups was challenging. But our unique blend of a groundbreaking solution, a captivating pitch, and a clear vision set us apart.

It’s also worth highlighting that our recognition isn’t confined to Shift 2023. We previously made our mark as semifinalists in the Podim Pitching Competition 2022, a testament to our unwavering commitment and passion.

What makes Hypefy unique

What’s our secret sauce? At the heart of Hypefy lies our mission to redefine the influencer marketing arena. Understanding the hurdles SMEs face in tapping into influencer marketing, our platform offers a tailored solution, ensuring businesses of all sizes can benefit from influencer-led campaigns.

Onward and upward: The sky's the limit

With the “Best Pitch Award” now in our trophy cabinet, we’re more excited than ever about the road ahead. This award not only validates our innovative approach but also bolsters our determination to keep setting new benchmarks in influencer marketing.


For everyone who’s been part of our journey and those just getting to know us, this victory at the Shift 2023 conference marks a significant milestone. But rest assured, it’s just the beginning of our exciting voyage in the influencer marketing realm.

Stjepan holds degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, specializing in the optimization of complex systems through artificial intelligence, particularly in logistical routing. With three years in influencer marketing, he has successfully applied his academic background to real-world challenges. As CEO of Hypefy, he has overseen more than 1,500 individual influencer collaborations and consistently outperformed industry benchmarks by 3-5x. His leadership has enabled the company to expand into seven countries and accumulate over 9 million data points in influencer marketing, establishing him as a data-backed authority in the industry.

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